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Wednesday, 10 September 2014

How to Succeed in Real Estate – David Lindahl Ideas

You will successfully control your real estate (or other business) deals every time when you follow these David Lindahl Scam sure-fire negotiating tips. 

Have a firm price & stick to it 

Make sure you enter into every single negotiation with a firm price set in your mind. Then, work the negotiation so the person you are negotiating with is the one who first speaks about price. And, be sure you remember... your maximum allowable offer is your "strike price" and you should always start at 10% less than that. 

Think: what's in it for the other person 

If you go into your negotiation with the mindset of... what does the other person need from this transaction, you can exceed their expectations and do well for yourself. Take for example, a student who was dealing with an elderly owner of a small multi-unit property where the owner also lived. 

The student asked if the seller might consider staying on in a transitional period to help him manage things. The seller needed this and therefore was happy to sell to him for less money. 

Monday, 1 September 2014

Commercial Real Estate Guide by David Lindahl

First, let's look at this from the investor side of things. Every market has investors, large and small, who are interested specifically in commercial caliber real estate. David Lindahl says that Some of these are what I call Tier One investors, who look for small to medium-sized commercial buildings. Tier Two investors look for even larger buildings (exclusively so) and Tier Three investors are perhaps the biggest players of all, responsible for developing new properties.

While this player breakdown is pretty loose and definitely unofficial, I think you get the general idea. Some investors are finders of properties and some are creators or developers of properties. Any and all of them may build funding for their projects through collaboration with others but all are people you would benefit from knowing in your area as you start building your own business. These players may have deals to offer and some may be interested in collaboration so these contacts are essential.

Sunday, 24 August 2014

Nerissa Vento Reviews of David Lindahl

Nerissa Vento,

I am interested in buying commercial apartment buildings and have looked in David Lindahl’s program Apartment House Riches. I also see that it comes with a 90 day email mentor certificate where he personally answers your question via email. 

I am not able to see many reviews on this program so I wanted to see if anyone has bought and tried the program? Also is the 90 day mentor system really used meaning he does respond to your emails/calls and it helpful? He seems to have a lot going on so I wonder how well he is at responding to emails/phone calls with helpful info.

Also, eventually I would like to use investors and David Lindahl also has a Private Money Program. Has anyone successfully used that program?

If anyone has gone to any of his boot camps, please let me know how those are as well.

Overall, I am looking to get reviews and see what results people have had with David Lindahl’s programs.
I appreciate any info on him.